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Farm well located 6 bedrooms Santo António Funchal for sale - tank, garden, gardens, equipped, balconies, balcony, garage, water
thumbFarm well located 6 bedrooms Santo António Funchal for sale - tank, garden, gardens, equipped, balconies, balcony, garage, water
t1t2t3t4t5REF PD-016519756m²  4.032m²Sale
LUXURY QUINTA WITH SEA VIEWS AND MOUNTAIN views for SALE ON the ISLAND OF MADEIRA. . . For the few who want to own a masterpiece in the history of madeira! 6 bedrooms, all with king-size beds - all with en suite bathrooms, private balconies and patios. 3 reception rooms Office is Fully Set Cuisine in exotic wood, fitted kitchen the Room store One bedroom Suite with an en-suite bathroom. the Accommodation of the maid's bathroom with shower. Garage for 4 cars, plus ample on-street parking for several vehicles. beautifully landscaped Garden with water features. electronic Gates and intercom system. the Sidewalk is a traditional stone and Wood. irrigation System via water tank with low annual running costs. the Ceilings and hand-made. property Taxes low. Low water in the Fifth century, was restored and updated it for the last 8 years, for the master builder-a perfect combination of the nostalgia of the past and convenience of today's modern conveniences. This property is historic and pretty it is situated on a large plot of landscape, like a park, even in the vicinity of the House. Set among lush gardens with exotic mature, this exceptional property is extremely well located, a 5-minute drive from the centre of the city, close to the shops, the rooms were spacious, clean and with easy access to all major highways. For the connoisseur of life, this estate offers complete privacy with loads of accommodation and to have fun in private or entertain a lot! Enjoy award-winning gardens with shrubs and bushes, tropical and sub-tropical, palm trees, a century old, and many of the native plant species; fish ponds and the stone bridges, and charming handmade tiles are among the many other features. ENERGY performance CERTIFICATION B
Farm 6 bedrooms Sé Funchal on sale - backyard, equipped, gardens
thumbFarm 6 bedrooms Sé Funchal on sale - backyard, equipped, gardens
t1t2t3t4t5REF PD-2020883.100m²Sale
No one is immune to the charms of the farms of Madeira Island and their knowledge has earned the attention of scholars such as Raimundo Quintal, Rui Vieira, Sainz Trueva or Francisco Clode. Unfortunately, some have already disappeared or been cruelly disfigured by the greed of short-sighted entrepreneurship. Today, Fortunately, the idea prevails that they are an irreplaceable value, oasis of history, clean air, Botanical and architectural diversity, especially in Funchal, and it is urgent to restore creating the conditions for the private ones to thrive. Traveler references to Madeiran farms are more than four centuries old. It is, however, throughout the nineteenth century that these testimonies become more abundant. By this time, Madeira was beginning to be a well-known therapeutic tourism resort throughout Europe. The writer Júlio Dinis, who between 1869 and 1871 was in Funchal in cure of ares, wrote, with some boldness, that %26laquo; to live well in Madeira you have to live in one of these cottages. Raul Brandão, in 1924, was also not immune to the sensual appeal of these sweet refuges of intimacy: %26laquo; this was done to live in isolation with a voluptuous woman, between the walls of the sumptuous farms where the greenery overflows%26raquo;. He knew it... This magnificent farm in the Ilhéus with 3100sqm, consists of a mother house and its magnificent ceilings worked, pure English style, with gardens, endemic and exotic plants having centuries-old bougainvillea throughout the farm, being all the surrounding floors in typical Madeiran sidewalk. Inside the farm there are 5 villas properly equipped typology T2 with kitchenette that works as local accommodation, being the access of the same all individual. There is the possibility of increasing the bungalows to increase the profitability of the investment. There is an approved project for the implementation of generous luxury apartments.
Farm 6 bedrooms on sale Estreito da Calheta Calheta (Madeira) - fruit trees, water, garage, attic, tank
thumbFarm 6 bedrooms on sale Estreito da Calheta Calheta (Madeira) - fruit trees, water, garage, attic, tank
t1t2t3t4t5REF AV-PBI-MAD-9425m²  4.413m²Sale
Property, 4133sqm, with direct access to the river, located in a pleasant, calm, sunny area, next to the Regional road, in Estreito da Calheta. It has 2 traditional style houses, in excellent condition. Located in a peripheral area of ​​Calheta, it is just minutes from the beach and different types of social and leisure facilities (from the health and pharmacy center, to supermarkets and other commercial establishments such as snack bars, restaurants, other services and facilities) existing in Calheta. EXCELLENT INVESTMENT FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO BET ON 'RURAL TOURISM' TAKING, SIMULTANEOUSLY, ADVANTAGE OF THE PROXIMITY OF THE BEACH! This area is defined by the PDM (Municipal Master Plan) as an agricultural space where not only local accommodation is allowed, but also tourist developments, camping sites, caravan sites or other types of projects linked to the tourist activity. PROPERTY CHARACTERISTICS URBAN DIMENSION: Both houses have a common entrance with direct access to the regional road. * House 1: Area - 301sqm; Construction date - 2007. It has 2 floors (ground floor and 1st floor). On the ground floor there is a large garage, with space for several vehicles, 1 storage room and 1 toilet. On the 1st floor there are 3 bedrooms (1 en-suite), all spacious, living / dining room, kitchen and bathroom. * House 2: Area - 124sqm; Construction date - 1998 Also with 2 floors (ground floor and 1st floor / attic) On the ground floor there are 3 bedrooms, living / dining room, kitchen, bathroom, connected by wide corridors. Parking place. On the 1st floor there is a large loft that brings together all the conditions to be transformed into a leisure space. This property also has 1 urban plot with an area of ​​601.2sqm, with a project (approved in 2013) for the construction of a third single family house. RUSTIC / RURAL DIMENSION: The entire property is cultivated with vines, sugar canes, fruit trees and other types of crops whose irrigation water comes from 2 tanks on the property. There is also a small warehouse to support agricultural activity, with 21sqm Possibility of a separate put option CURIOSITIES: What is a Levada? Walking along the levadas is one of the main tourist attractions of Madeira Island, offering a unique and unforgettable experience, with magnificent views and in direct contact with an extraordinarily pure nature. The 'levadas' are channels of water with a gentle slope originally created to transport the water of the north of the Island, with a humid climate and more precipitation, to the south where the climate is drier, with more population and plantations. Nowadays, the levadas are also a way to unleash our explorer spirit and discover the magnificent nature of Madeira Island, with landscapes and species of flora and fauna that are unique in the world. The origin of the levadas dates back to the early days of the colonization of the Island in the 15th century, when the first levadas were created to provide water to irrigate the sugarcane plantations to allow the production of sugar, known at the time as the 'white gold'. Besides the sugar cane, the levadas were also very important to irrigate the vineyard plantations that gave origin to the emblematic and well known Madeira Wine. Currently, the network has about 1,400 kilometers length, spread throughout the island, from the heart of the Laurissilva forest to the most rocky slopes. Walking along one of the levadas of the island of Madeira is a must for anyone visiting the island. The options are many and for every taste, from the most popular like the Levada das 25 Fontes or Caldeirão Verde, to the less known as the Lagoa do Vento or Levada da Rocha Vermelha. It is worth venturing into this amazing nature! » walkmeguide. com (website)
Farm 3 bedrooms Santo António da Serra Santa Cruz - gardens, balcony, water, electricity
thumbFarm 3 bedrooms Santo António da Serra Santa Cruz - gardens, balcony, water, electricity
t1t2t3t4t5REF PD-015207250m²  10.000m²Sale
An excellent Quinta in a place of prestige and tranquility is rare and difficult to find: This is a few steps from the world-class golf course of Santo de Serra. Nada nesta Quinta was left to chance and was carefully thought out, privileging the abundance of natural light and the combination of designed spaces. We must not forget to mention the incredible views that this Farm has to offer. From the balcony, enjoy the incredible views of the Santo da Serra mountains and the lush landscape composed of centuries-old trees and gardens and exotic flowers. With three very generous and elegant double bedrooms and plenty of space, this charming wooden house harmonizes perfectly with the stunning setting you are in, and is ideal for a family or medium-sized group who want to explore the many charms of Madeira. In addition, the underground level has been transformed into an event space that can accommodate up to 30 people. In the other corner of the property is a picturesque vine-covered house, which has its separate power line, hot water and amenities, a separate bedroom and bathroom, which turns the house into a 3+ 1 bedroom and 3+ 1 bathroom. This is an extraordinary Farm not only for its conditions, but also for the tourist investment in the Housing-Tourist Accommodation market, which has been incredibly popular on the island, as it also has a small picturesque house covered with vineyards, with energy and hot water managed separately, and can be used by visitors or as the home of a caretaker. The Farm will provide you with an excellent quality of life and profitability at all levels. The surrounding area is blessed by beautiful gardens and shaded by many indigenous plants and large secular trees and yes, even with the visit of swans, peacocks, koi fish and trout. Know the charm that awaits you!
Small farm 4 bedrooms on sale Santa Luzia Funchal - electricity, heat insulation
thumbSmall farm 4 bedrooms on sale Santa Luzia Funchal - electricity, heat insulation
t1t2t3t4t5REF PD-018537303m²  520m²Sale
It is a great privilege to announce this Fabulous "; Farm located in the heart of Funchal" - Madeira Island, SANTA LUZIA - Funchal. It is a centenary house, inserted in a historic area of ​​Funchal, an area of ​​many farms, with stunning views over our beautiful Funchal bay, totally unobstructed view, overlooking the entire bay almost 180 degrees. This house is partially rebuilt, with great quality and taste of the Owner, using the best building materials, namely thermal and acoustic insulation, with the application of quality raw materials, namely wood, never untangling history of the Property, applying the famous yellow "; Casquinha" in many areas of the property from Windows, flooring and Doors. This property, in addition to being an emblematic Madeiran dwelling, as here was the old school of olive oil and the wine warehouse, with a beautiful 18th century wine press where many barrels and casks of Madeira Wine were produced and exported. For the great notoriety that we see when entering this Property, it has enormous potential to convert into a small Boutique Hotel, it is certainly a Property for an Investor, lover of History and Elite properties. It consists of 2 buildings 25 & 27, one of which is to be remodeled in the Interior, since it is a property with Regional Urban Heritage characteristics, the exterior façades cannot be changed.
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